Lifetime Rewards

CashToken Rewards

phoonePOS - CashToken is an electronic reward or celebratory gift commodity that offers the opportunity for ‘LIFE-CHANGING CASH REWARD’. Here, our Merchants and customers earn rewards for using phoonePOS. For every service that your offer to customers as a merchant, once you meet a specified threshold, you earn CashToken points, when those points mature, you earn CashToken. Guess what? Once you earn CashToken, you become qualified to win between N5,000.00 - N100 Million in a draw that shows on National Television every Friday of the week.

phoonePOS Lifetime Rewards

phoonePOS Lifetime Reward Program is a reward system whereby our Aggregators, Merchants & Customers earn various Lifetime rewards. This is to ensure we give more back to those that do businesses with us. Such rewards would include; Cash, Sports Betting, Lotto & Games, Lifestyle, Gifts, Medicare, Insurance Policy, Pilgrimage & Holiday Rewards.