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Accepting Payments on phoonePOS

There are mum and pop shops out there, who on a daily basis wish they can have a POS machine, to help them be able to accept retail payments. That problem is over, as the commercial banks have challenges atimes, mobile phones can now serve as that POS they can use in retail outlets to collect payments from customers.

This solution does not require the use of ATM Cards, its a USSD powered solution. All that is required, is for our merchant to generate a USSD code from our application and he will give it to the customer to dial on their phone. Once this is done, money moves from the customer’s bank account to the phoonePOS account of the merchant. Transaction is completed, then the shop can then release the goods to the customer.

This is how you can use phoonePOS to Accept Payments from your customers the easy and safe way.

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