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Have you ever considered your future and old age? Have you ever wondered how life may be? You may grow up to become very poor or become very wealthy in your old age. Whichever side you swing to will be determined by the decisions you take today. Don’t let your grand children ask you, daddy, mummy, where were you when your mates were becoming successful with the phoonePOS Aggregator Program.

this opportunity is for those who have time in their hands and are looking for an opportunity to earn income even when they are not working in the later years. The income they will be earning, will be the commissions earned from merchants they have recruited in the past. The time to work is now, when the bones are strong, to avoid old age poverty.

Do you know you that with phoonePOS, the income your earn as an Aggregator is for life? as long as you are alive.

Aggregators are people interested in creating an opportunity to earn income by recruiting merchants for phoonePOS across the country. Its important to note at this point that, this program is not a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scheme like we are always asked. You will be working independently, without anything requiring you to build any downlines. No.

To become and Aggregator on phoonePOS costs a One-Time Sign up fee of N5,000.00. However, interested persons in the Aggregator program would have to recruit and sign up a minimum of 5 persons under their account as merchants on phoonePOS. This is the condition to become an Aggregator on phoonePOS. Aggregators will sign the merchants up under their account, so they are able to see the transactions of the merchants they recruit on their dashboard.

The Aggregator is also required to go through the Sign up process and submission of the KYC details, so that they can have an understanding of how they will be signing up their own merchants through the same form.

What is your benefit as an Aggregator?

  1. Aggregators earn 10% of the Sign up fee of the merchants they recruit. What that means is that once you recruit your first 5 merchants and they pay their Sign up fee, you earn back your Sign up fee. It is as simple as that.
  2. Aggregators also earn 12.5% commission on all transactions of their merchants they Sign up from us for life. Is that not interesting? What are you waiting for?

How do you become an Aggregator?

Upon payment of the Sign up fee, the Aggregator will be given a form to fill their personal details and provide the details of their next of Kin! This is to ensure that, incase of emergency, there is someone that can receive the benefits of the Aggregator.

When do Aggregators earn their commission?

Aggregators are paid their commission at the end of every month.

To learn more about the phoonePOS Aggregator Program, click this link

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