Our Service Modules on phoonePOS

On phoonePOS, we have very unique and distinct modules of services. Our services are tailored to meet different payment needs in the market place. The following are the different modules we have on phoonePOS.

  1. phoonePOS Complete Module: This is the module that comprises of all agency banking services like Account opening, Cash In, Cash Out, Bills Payment etc. To sign up for the complete module of services costs a one time fee of N10,000.00 Only. To sign up for this service, just click on this link https://www.phoonepos.com/posagent/register and select the phoonePOS module.
  2. phoonePOS Accept Payment Module: There are people that are not interested in offering Agency banking services. They just want to be able to collect payments as an alternative in their shops and retail outlets. These are the businesses that this module is for. The mum and pop retail shops can use their mobile phones to receive payments like the bank POS, when they are unable to get POS from the commercial banks. To sign up on this service costs on a one time fee of N3,000.00. To sign up for this service, just click on this link https://www.phoonepos.com/posagent/register and select the Accept payment module.
  3. phoonePOS Bills Payment Module: Here, people that want to use their mobile phones to just offer services for paying bills and selling recharge cards e-PINS. With this module, interested merchants can offer services like DSTV, GoTV, Startimes, Electricity payments for customers and they earn commission. When they sign up for this module, they will not be able to do Agency banking. To sign up for this service is just N5,000.00 only. To sign up for this service, just click on this link https://www.phoonepos.com/posagent/register and select the Bills Payment module.
  4. phoonePOS Aggregator Program: This is one of the modules of phoonePOS. One of the motivation for this module is to assist people who want to still earn a living in their old age. So, they can work while they are young and have a residual income, as they grow older. To Sign up for the phoonePOS Aggregator Program is FREE. However, anyone that wants to become an aggregator on phoonePOS, must market and Sign up a minimum of 5 merchants that are willing to become merchants on phoonePOS. Once the prospective aggregator is able to bring the first 5 merchants, then we would open an aggregator account for the merchant. So, the questions is, what is the benefit for the Aggregator? Our Aggregators earn 12.5% monthly Commission from the transaction commissions of their merchants from us. this commission they earn from us is for life, as long as they are living. to learn more about the phoonePOS Aggregator program, please click on this link https://titl.com.ng/phoonepos/phoonepos-aggregator/.
  5. phoonePOS Retail Merchant Terminal Operator (RMTO) Module: There are retail outlets that have multiple payment points. In Nigeria, retail outlets like ShopRite, JustBuy, Jendor, Spar etc. the list is endless. This module is designed for such outlets with multiple payment terminal points. Please click on this link https://titl.com.ng/phoonepos/RMTO/ to learn more about the RMTO module. To Sign up for this module is FREE. the only condition for signing up to this module is that the retail outlet must have a minimum of 2 sales points.
  6. phoonePOS Microfinance Bank (MFB) Module: we have a module on phoonePOS that serves as an alternative for Microfinance banks to collect payments from their customers. These collections, especially ease of collecting loan repayment. The beauty of the Microfinance bank module, is that the customers of the bank that have collected loans, can also double as merchants under the Aggregatorship of the Microfinance bank. In addition, when the bank gives a loan to a business and the customers want to buy goods from that retail outlet, the business that took the loan will generate a USSD code that the customer will dial and automatically the funds will go directly into the phoonePOS account of the Microfinance bank. This is to enable the bank ensure that they are able to recover their loans given to customers.
  7. phoonePOS Schools Payment Collection Module: On phoonePOS, we have a module that is designed to enable schools collect payments from payments, for school fees and payments for other curricular activities. How this works is that, we would sign up the school, thereafter the school from their dashboard can generate USSD code they would send to parents, which would enable them to be able to make payments for their kids and wards seamlessly. essentially, this serves as an alternative to the existing ways these payments are currently being collected from these parents.
  8. phoonePOS Influencer Program: On phoonePOS, we have an influencer program that can be signed up for. this program is for young people, looking for a decent way to earn a living. A phoonePOS influencer is someone that has a functional internet enabled mobile phone that can display our design materials on social media daily, to elicit curiosity and they market their Friends and Family, sensitizing those that are interested about phoonePOS and its benefits. To Sign up on the Influencer program costs a One-Time fee of N5,000.00. When a person signs up, we add them to a WhatsApp group for training, thereafter, they can start doing their business from any location across Nigeria. To lean more about the phoonePOS Influencer program, click here https://titl.com.ng/phoonepos/phoonepos-influencer.

So, as it stands today, phoonePOS is designed across various spectrums of payments, which is able to assist anyone in either making money using their mobile phones or are able to collect payments from customers using the same mobile phones as POS.

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